Service Providers

We have a great group of members to help you age in place in Greater Atlanta. They are compassionate and dedicated professionals who are committed to addressing the needs of, and assisting individuals in our community. Providers are screened and vetted to ensure the highest quality of service. Click here to download our complete provider directory.

Service Provider Spotlight

 Blue Moose Elevators offers elevators, dumbwaiters, vertical lifts, stair climbers, storm shelters, school safe rooms, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts for your home or business. We can help you age in place or make your business more accessible and safer for everyone. Since we are an independent dealer and are not owned by a manufacturer or other interest, we are not forced to try to sell you on a certain product line. Our goal is to help you choose the product that best suits your needs. Your best interest is our only motivator.

Phone: (770) 891-4442


Community and Social Interaction

Personal relationships and social interaction enriches lives, establishes relationships, connects us to those around us, and improves health and quality of life. Do you want to be more socially active, become part of a community, or have better access to the entertainment you like? If so, our Community and Social Interaction providers may be able to assist you.

CEU Concepts

Primary Contact: Anne McSweeney

Phone: (678) 345-0452


Cherokee County Senior Services

Primary Contact: Loretta Davis

Phone: (770) 345-6457


Cobb Senior Services

Primary Contact: Kathy Lathem

Phone: (770) 528-5393


Laona M. Kitchen Foundation (LMK)

Primary Contact: Betsy Wade

Phone: (404) 428-1267


SarahCare of Snellville

Primary Contact: Aysha Cooper

Phone: (770) 685-6971


Senior Connections

Primary Contact: Debra Furtado

Phone: (770) 455-7602


Senior Services North Fulton

Primary Contact: Candace Kortovich

Phone: (770-993-1906)



Health and Wellness

As we get older or as needs change, we may find ourselves wanting a little extra assistance with everyday tasks and personal care needs (e.g., bathing, dressing, preparing meals, shopping, etc.). At the same time, we are often bombarded by a variety of sources offering health care advice. This can make it hard for us to figure out what is right for our needs and situation. Do you need help with daily activities or more information on health care and health and wellness? If so, our Health and Wellness providers may be able to assist you.

4 Seasons Home Care

Primary Contact: Lou Ann Thombley

Phone: (404) 673-4455


Aging Options of Georgia, Inc.

Primary Contact: Laurie Hamilton

Phone: (678) 300-7058


Atlanta Hearing Associates

Primary Contact: Rita Chaiken

Phone: (770) 394-9499


Bereavement Navigators

Primary Contact: Ronnie Genser

Phone: (404) 843-9460


Better Off at Home

Primary Contact: Jodi Bellam


BrightStar LifeCare

Primary Contact: Scott Morrison

Phone: (678) 646-5400


BrightStar Care of Marietta

Primary Contact: David Evans

Phone: (770) 634-8491


CaraVita Home Care

Primary Contact: Nancy Marvin

Phone: (770) 856-9971


Cobb Elder Abuse Task Force

Primary Contact: Christine Rozman

Phone: (404) 713-2135


Emory Healthcare’s Integrated Memory Care Clinic

Primary Contact: Laura Medders

Phone: (404) 712-6929


Family Private Care, L.L.C.

Primary Contact: Denise Corcoran

Phone: (678) 620-3064


Fischer Funeral Care & Cremation Services

Primary Contact: Helen Scherrer

Phone: (678) 514-1000


Friends of Disabled Adults & Children (FODAC)

Primary Contact: Chris Brand

Phone: (770) 491-9014


Georgia Gerontology Society (GGS)

Primary Contact: Arlene Fitts Winfrey

Phone: (770) 595-7888


Hearing Doctors of Georgia

Primary Contact: Jennifer Pepper

Phone: (770) 251-2927


His Grip Home Care

Primary Contact: Nike Aremu

Phone: (470) 395-1180


Home Care Matters

Primary Contact: Valerie Darling

Phone: (770) 965-4004


Primary Contact: Mitch Darling

Phone: (770) 331-7969


Kadan Homecare

Primary Contact: Dina Kadan-White

Phone: (770) 365-6357


Mindful Transitions, L.L.C.

Primary Contact: Laura Jalbert

Phone: (678) 637-7166


Prosper Home Care

Primary Contact: Dara McMillan

Phone: (404) 623-8000


Primary Contact: Doug Lueder

Phone: (404) 784-3365


Resurgia Health Solutions

Primary Contact: Mark Bradshaw

Phone: (404) 445-5304


Primary Contact: Kevin Charles

Phone: (404) 445-5304


Right at Home

Primary Contact: Susan Brown

Phone: (770) 343-6235


SeniorCare Options

Primary Contact: Lisa Kaufman

Phone: (770) 579-9177


Synergy Home Care of Metro Atlanta

Primary Contact: Nancy Bour

Phone: (404) 270-9032




Home is where the heart is and for many of us, this means living in a home of our choice. We might want to have modifications made to our home to make it more comfortable (e.g., grab bars in bathtub/shower; lower cabinets; etc.) as we get older, or we may be interested in finding a new home that better accommodates our interests and needs. Do you feel uncomfortable in your home, need modifications, or want to find another home? If so, our Housing providers may be able to assist you.

101 Mobility

Primary Contact: Mike Marshall

Phone: (334) 216-2227


Primary Contact: Butch Melton

Phone: (678) 515-0485


Primary Contact: Garol Orr

Phone: (770) 791-2000



Primary Contact: Lisa Terry

Phone: (678) 247-8797


Baptist Retirement Communities of GA, Inc.

Primary Contact: Sheralene Roper

Phone: (770) 463-2460


Primary Contact: Cathy Humphrey

Phone: (404) 325-9077


Primary Contact: Steve Galyon

Phone: (770) 463-2460


Blue Moose Elevators & Stair Lifts

Primary Contact: Monique Swyer

Phone: (770) 891-4442


Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Primary Contact: Lane Tharp

Phone: (770) 804-7805


HomeFree Home Modifications

Primary Contact: Rick Thaxton

Phone: (770) 241-1852


Move My Nest, L.L.C.

Primary Contact: Sam Serotte

Phone: (770) 265-9331


Personal Finance

Maintaining our independence and having the lifestyle we desire is the ideal dream for everyone. However, as we know, this takes money and the costs of daily living and competing obligations can make it harder to save for that lifestyle. As daunting as saving for retirement can be, we have options, some of which we may not even be aware of. Are you concerned that you may not have sufficient financial resources to fund your retirement, or are you interested in working past retirement? If so, one of our Personal Finance providers may be able to assist you.

Baker Daily Money Management

Primary Contact: Chris Baker

Phone: (678) 640-8512


The Fuller Insurance Agency

Primary Contact: Traci Fuller

Phone: (770) 460-0592


Hurley Elder Care Law

Primary Contact: Kim Lewis

Phone: (404) 843-0121


Liberty Home Equity Solutions, Inc.

Primary Contact: Daniel Wolbe

Phone: (770) 984-0125


Long-Term Care Insurance

Primary Contact: Steve Norris

Phone: (770) 833-3496


Medicare Insurance Specialist

Primary Contact: Bonnie Dobbs

Phone: (770) 655-2275 or (866) 809-9162


Open Mortgage L.L.C., Reverse Mortgage Div.

Primary Contact: Carol Hurst

Phone: (770) 314-0027


Searcy, Weems-Scott & Quinn

Primary Contact: Connie Weems-Scott

Phone: (770) 353-6308




Many of us are dependent on others for our transportation. As we get older, as needs change, or if and when we stop driving, our transportation options become limited which can significantly reduce our social network and activities. Do you have limited access to the transportation you need, or are you in need of additional options? If so, our Transportation providers may be able to assist you.

Common Courtesy Rides

Primary Contact: Bob Carr

Phone: (678) 809-2521


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